Lifestyle: Healthy Eating

When it comes to diets and healthy eating there are certain buzz words that go hand-in-hand whilst discussing the latest plan, crash course or change in lifestyle that are mentioned. “I’m cutting out carbs,” is the most used, for obvious reasons; carbs equal calories, which equal added fat if a certain amount of exercise isn’t being done. “I’m doing a detox and will only be eating green leaves for the next 3 months,” is another over-used sentence you hear far too often when someone is determined to lose weight.

However, there is another word that is often overlooked when opting for the best route to a healthy lifestyle and that is protein. The thing is, protein is one of the most crucial aspects of a good diet, or ‘lifestyle’, which many people seem to forget when a cut in carb intake is at the top of the list. The word lifestyle is very much the new way of describing a diet, as experts try and educate people into believing losing weight is a lifestyle choice rather than just a 6-week struggle.

It is that word ‘lifestyle’ that is the key too. Living a life where treats are allowed, a life where you are not struggling to remain on the wagon and feel pressured into not falling off it. That isn’t sustainable and the reason why so many people fail at lengthy diet plans and why a change is lifestyle is now a much better way of approaching a healthier existence.

Having Protein as a main component in your new lifestyle brings many benefits. As leading nutritionist in world would tell you, it is crucial. Protein is an ingredient the body thrives off, and struggles immensely when it’s not receiving enough of it.

So its good news then, to know that you can still have wonderful treats even if your new lifestyle is geared towards a healthier you. Whey2Go in Dubai offers protein ice-cream, a superb way of treating yourself but at the same time making sure your body is getting everything that is good out of it.

Protein is all about the positives. Unlike carbs, which of course are needed for energy, but have too many and it can start to become a disadvantage. Protein though, your new best friend, helps with metabolism, which in turn, keeps the body working hard and burning fat, builds fibers helping with muscle growth, improves concentration and helps the body heal quickly. No disadvantages there.

Whey2Go, Dubai’s leading protein ice-cream has seen an incredible response to its products as people begin to see why incorporating protein into their diets has so many advantages, whilst at the same time not saying no to those little treats that make life so worth while.